During my years as a professional musician I have developed an extensive repertoire which spans over many different genres and cultural traditions. My main styles are rock, pop and folkmusic but I play anything from classical to polka, or why not some smooth jazz.

For most kinds of events and for most audiences I normally recommend a selection of what i call “easy listening”-music. This includes popular songs from the 60s until today by artists like Frank Sinatra, Queen, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, Guns ‘n Roses and Adele. A variation of this kind of music is sure to set a great ambience for your event and will entertain your guests who can recognize and remeniss about the songs.

If you would have any special requests for songs to be played at your event, I would be happy to create an original version of the song of your choice. Just let me know in advance.

If you wish to see a more detailed account of what music I play, please download my repertiore list hereunder. For your convenience there are two versions, one sorted by artist name and one by genre.