Performances at concert halls, festivals and corporate events
My pricing will vary depending on what kind of event it is, how many people will be in the audience and for how long time I will play. Please send me an inquiry and give me more details about the event I will get back to you shortly with a price suggestion.

Performances at private events
For performances at private events like weddings, anniversaries or parties I charge a starting fee and a fee per half hour of performing. This varies depending on the type of event, where it is located, how much equipment I will need to bring, how big the audience is etc. Please send me an inquiry with more details about the event and I will get back to you with a price suggestion.

Private lessons – 50€/h.
Private video lessons online – 40€/h.

20% discount if you want 10 or more lessons.

Downloadable video lesson for beginners – 20€/30 min.
Downloadable video lesson to learn specific songs, recommended for more experienced harpists – 30€/song.